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📣 Exploring the Enhanced Reports Page: Simplifying Your Financial Insights

AUTHOR: Poplar Homes

We’re excited to introduce an update to your Reports page, designed to streamline access to essential financial information. The revamped reports come with several enhancements, making report generation quicker, more tailored, and user-friendly.

Detailed Reports in an Instant

No more waiting for reports or calling for assistance. With the updated Reports page, you can now access financial reports directly with a single click as soon as the data becomes available.

Tailor Reports to Fit Your Needs

Enjoy the flexibility to choose the formats that suit your needs, giving you more control over your financial data. Soon, you’ll be able to choose from various report formats, such as Portfolio Summary, Cash Flow Summary, and Income Statement.

Ready to generate a report? Here's the step-by-step instructions.

What's in the Pipeline

Currently, you can generate your Portfolio Summary, but we're continuously updating the Reports page. Soon, these formats will be available for you to generate as well:

  • Cash Flow Summary

  • Cash Flow Summary By Month

  • Income Statement

  • Rent Roll

  • Balance Sheet

  • General Ledger

This update not only improves the efficiency of your reporting process but also provides easy access to the reports you need, precisely when you need them. Give it a try and simplify your financial insights today.

What other reports should we include? Send us your feedback or ideas here.

Until next time,

Poplar's Product Team

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