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Product Updates - Jan 2023: New web chat, lease widget, multiple bank accounts, and more!

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Hi there,

We're starting February on a high note! We're excited to share these most requested improvements you can now use:

Chat with Poplar anytime

Feb 01, 2022

We’ve added omnichannel messaging to your owner dashboard! Just type your question about rent collection, leasing, or maintenance—and our chatbot will answer it. Soon, you'll get to chat live with a Poplar agent anytime. Learn more

Instantly view your expiring leases

Feb 01, 2022

But that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeve... We added a new lease widget on your dashboard, so you can get one quickly see which of your leases are expiring.

Link different bank accounts to your property

Feb 01, 2022

Connect different bank accounts to one property, so each owner can easily get their shared earnings.

Multi-Family Homes now have individual cards

Feb 01, 2022

If you're a multi-family homeowner, each of your units now has its own "profile", where you can see its unit details, features, and amenities!

Get updates about your lease renewals

Feb 01, 2022

You can now see real-time updates about your upcoming and ongoing lease renewals on your Activity Timeline.

Sign your contract on the web app

Feb 01, 2022

If you're a new owner, you can now easily browse and sign your Property Management Agreement on your web app. You don't need to leave the page!

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