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Your Q1 Digest: Work Order chat, Linked banks per property, Multi-Family properties onboarding, On-Demand Rent Estimates, and more!

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No quarter is complete without a recap of everything the team has shipped, and Q1 is no exception.

With that in mind, let’s dig into these huge improvements we shipped this quarter:

In case you missed them: Q1 initiatives we know you’ll love

Enhanced homeowner experience

We’ve added new features for homeowners—from widgets to a feature that lets you link all your bank accounts!

Smarter updates to your dashboard

We've made some changes to the widgets, so now it's even easier for you to see all your rental information in one place. And we've also improved the Activity Timeline feature, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news about your properties.

Access Work Orders using Poplar Chat

We've made a small but helpful improvement to Poplar chat. Now, you can easily check the status of your work orders without having to open up your Maintenance dashboard.

Get paid straight to your bank account

If you own multiple properties, you can now add and assign as many bank accounts as you need on your Online Payment page. This means you can receive your payouts without any hassle!

Maintenance of your property

As homeowners, you should be able to sit back and relax while we take care of your property. That’s why we’ve introduced new Maintenance features:

Recurring maintenance made better

You can count on us to keep your property in tip-top shape! We’ve updated our communications with your residents and vendors, so you can always be on top of all your recurring maintenance plans.

View and download your Work Order invoices with ease

You can now instantly view and download your Work Order invoices on your Maintenance dashboard! With this feature, you can track and manage your maintenance spending accurately.

Schedule maintenance requests in a breeze

We've made some improvements to our maintenance scheduling process. Now, it's smarter and easier for your resident to choose a schedule that works best for maintenance requests.

Onboarding your properties like a pro

We like to go the extra mile with our improvements, even if those improvements are small.

For this quarter, you might notice some user interface and design enhancements, especially in your onboarding experience. You may also notice that you now have a better view of your properties’ transactions and details on your Transactions page and Owner Statement.

Improved onboarding for all property types

Our effort to improve your experience as a homeowner continues. First impressions last, so we’d like for your onboarding experience to be seamless.

A better way to onboard occupied rentals

If you're having us take over the management of your property, this process is designed specifically for you. You can now enter lease details completely online!

Onboard multifamily homes with ease

Here’s the new and streamlined way to add multiple units of your property on your web app. This feature gets your multifamily property up and running in no time!

On-Demand Rent Estimate

Wondering how much your property is worth in the current market? When adding a new property, this tool provides you with an accurate estimate, helping you make informed decisions and maximize your earnings.

Faster contract preparation

Generating your contract during onboarding is now faster than ever, taking only a few seconds. Plus, you can sign it directly within the web app without leaving.

Schedule a Fielder visit for professional property photos

High-quality photos are crucial for marketing your property. You can easily schedule a Fielder visit through the web app and decide whether to meet the Fielder or provide instructions.

Renewing your leases

We’re very proud of shipping our data-driven renewal experience for our homeowners and residents! You can now see and use these huge, huge improvements on the Poplar web app:

Owners can now adjust rent with On-Demand Rent Estimate

As homeowners, you can now use the on-demand rent estimate and adjust your rent prices accordingly based on your state’s rent cap laws. Yep, all in one place.

Residents can now renew leases on their web app

As residents, you can use the Poplar web app to review your current and new lease terms, and then make a decision if you’re renewing or moving out.

Tell us how we did in Q1!

That’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for more huge quarterly updates about our products.

By the way, your feedback really matters to the work we do, so we’d really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts about our deployments this quarter!

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